Make your life easy

During surfing the internet we find something useful and have higher values for our self-improvement and leading a peaceful life. I am reproducing some of such tools which will help in making our life easy.


1. The Mind is our powerful instrument if we take care and live awareness and choice then we control the mind. If we are unaware then we live an uncontrolled life and the mind starts controlling us. One of the two options will be true, either we control the mind or the mind controls us.

2. The thoughts we create influence our reality. If we read, listen, talk and think that our mind is not in our control then, it becomes our deep belief system. The belief system becomes our reality and we are not able to take charge of our minds.

Let us create a daily affirmation

a. This mind is mine.

b. I am the master.

c. My mind works according to me.

d. I create the thoughts which I choose.

e. I think only that thought which I like.

f. I choose for how long I want to keep it on my mind.

:--- Awakening with Brahma Kumaris

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