When the mind is hurt and is questioning other’s behaviour, we cannot forcefully suppress the thoughts or silence the mind. The mind needs answers. Give the mind the answer that it is the other person’s sanskar and our past karmic account, the mind will slowly accept and become silent.

Belief System, information and past experience, are the raw materials which create our thoughts and the final product is our personality. Since the people have different raw material, their sanskar or personality will be different. This understanding helps us to accept different people.

We feel people are behaving with us in a particular way, we feel it is something about us which makes them behave that way. Actually, people are radiating THEIR final product to us. When we change our belief system our behavior changes, even though others remain the same.

We acquire position, relations, property and skills in this life time and we sometimes make them our identity and get attached to the identity we create. Ego is attachment to a wrong image of myself.

Ego does not mean only superior to others, ego is also when we feel inferior. Any image which is not our true identity or true identity of others is ego.

Our roles and position in society are different for example chairman and a driver. We called roles higher and lower, we then got attached to our roles and made them our identity. Higher and lower roles then became superior and inferior people, this created Ego.

External courtesies and protocol need to be according to roles and positions, which is regard for the role. Respect should not change according to the role. Respect is for the soul, which should be same for everyone.

:--- Awakening with Brahma Kumaris

The theme reproduced by:--- Mohan"madhur"

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